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Our 2018 programme is in preparation. You can see how fantastic our programme from 2017 was, below...


181-thomas-promny.jpgThomas PromnyOnline Careers Day
183-johannes-grychta.jpgJohannes GrychtaOnline Careers Day
895-stefanie-haase-.jpgStefanie Haase Online Careers Day
919-dan-lewis.jpgDan LewisOnline Careers Day

How a 10-year online career has led to 10 years of amazing life.

Most recently Head Of European Communications at Tinder and before that the founder of many startups, Hermione has had an online career spanning more than 10 years. 7 of those were spent in Silicon Valley as a journalist where she interviewed the founders of Facebook, Uber, Airbnb. She shares her story of how having an online career has led to an amazing life and teaches you the same.

900-hermione-way.jpgHermione Way

(Wo)man vs machine - the race for talents

Jobs that really matter in the future.

959-scot-carlson.jpgScot CarlsonPublicis Media

Asking HR Managers: What is it that applicants need nowadays?

Personnel managers of leading companies discuss the young applicants requirements, but also examine what chances and possibilities they have to attain a successful career in the online world.

917-christine-ng.jpgChristine NgThe App Business
918-jessica-hayes.jpgJessica HayesWonderbly
958-stephanie-bishop-.jpgStephanie Bishop Capgemini
961-giles-williams.jpgGiles WilliamsUrban Massage
969-oliver-may.jpgOliver MayStreetbees

How my online career allowed me to explore 66 countries

Jimmy will share how he managed to overcome his social anxiety and turn his passion into a profitable online business. He will be brutally honest about mistakes he made when entering the online space and what you can do to destroy your limit beliefs and design your dream online career.

911-jimmy-naraine.jpgJimmy NaraineCOOLifeDesign

How to make it big in the digital industry

Want to achieve a successful career in the digital industry? Employees from top companies discuss their experiences and their secrets to achieving an outstanding career in the field.

896-kerstin-reichert.jpgKerstin ReichertTSB Bank
897-caterina-kiehntopf.jpgCaterina KiehntopfMyLotto24
902-mabroor-ahmad-.jpgMabroor Ahmad Rocket Fuel
923-kassem-younis.jpgKassem YounisFounders Factory

Lunch break and networking with the exhibitors

Meet the exhibitors and take the opportunity to network – they are waiting for you!

Entrepreneurs' panel: Founders share their success stories and reveal what they look for when hiring new employees

Successful founders from various fields of the online industry discuss their different experiences with employees – open forum and questions are welcomed

889-james-sandoval.jpgJames SandovalMeasureMatch
904-keren-lerner.jpgKeren LernerTop Left Design
905-jacqueline-gilbert.jpgJacqueline GilbertCamford1209
910-vishnu-thurpati.jpgVishnu ThurpatiVTFinTech

Online Marketing Basics

Focusing on growth, not campaigns - how great organisations create a solid foundation that allows them to understand, create, run and track their digital growth.

909-shakur-shidane-.jpgShakur Shidane Shaksi

Coffee break and Networking with the Exhibitors

Meet the Exhibitors and use the opportunity to network – they are waiting for you!

Company culture in the online industry

Equality and diversity in the workplace, top salary, cool colleagues, after work events – what the online industry offers in terms of company culture

906-laura-schwarz.jpgLaura SchwarzIOSIS
908-oliver-whitten.jpgOliver WhittenAdform
935-aman-dogra.jpgAman DograFinancial Times
936-hossein-houssaini.jpgHossein HoussainiHavas

Networking with the exhibitors

Meet the exhibitors and take the opportunity to network – they are waiting for you!

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