Online Careers Day - Sunrise Industry Seeks Young Talent

London | 27th September 2018 | TBA

The turbocharger for your career in the online industry


Accenture Capgemini FDM Group Taboola


  • "The Online Careers Days was the best careers event that I‘ve ever attended. Not only were there very interesting companies to meet, but also great presentations and workshops where there was a lot to learn." - Debbie Lewis

  • "I already had a very good job in the industry, even before the Online Careers Day. Nevertheless, I wanted to see what the event had to offer. And in fact, I made a few contacts there which actually resulted in a change of job for me in a little over half a year." - James Robinson

  • "I‘ve had very interesting conversations with some of the exhibitors and can imagine having a new job soon." - Charlott Anderson

  • "There are a lot of potential employers, it’s fun and easy to network." - Richard Miller

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The event is free for (Young) Professionals (already working, no age restrictions, no headhunters), students and trainees.

Interesting jobs, work experience and work student positions will be on offer:
  • Business (business administration, law amongst others)
  • Online marketing (marketing, media amongst others)
  • Design & Web Design
  • Technology, software development and programming (informatics, amongst others, engineering)
  • Sales (Sales & Key account management)
In addition there are many interesting career opportunities in the online industry for career changers. Valuable contacts can also be made.

London | 27th September 2018 | TBA